A Guide to Eyebrow Shapes

Your eyebrows may seem like such a simple feature, but they can impact how your entire face looks. Perfect brows can accentuate your eyes and bone structure. There are a variety of different eyebrow shapes. Identifying which of these best matches your natural features makes it easier to enhance your brows with makeup and waxing that will create a gorgeous look. Actually shaping your brows is best left to a professional waxer, but this guide can give you an idea of what to ask for and what recommendations our team may make.

An illustration of hard-angled eyebrows after waxing

Hard Angled

A hard angled eyebrow shape slopes upward, moving from the inside out, then sharply turns downward at the end. This creates a clear angle that is visible on the top and bottom of the brow. Hard angled eyebrows with high arches can make your face appear thinner and longer. This makes them a great choice if you have a round face. Too high of an arch can make you look surprised, so we make sure to create this shape using precise hair removal so it is not too dramatic. 

An illustration of soft-angled eyebrows after waxing

Soft Angled

Like hard angled brows, soft angled brows have a noticeable arch at the end. The main difference is that instead of a sharp point, this shape has a gradual curve. If you have a round or oval face, soft angled brows may be a good fit. Either of the angled eyebrow shapes can help your face look slimmer.

An illustration of a straight eyebrow shape


Straight brows don’t have a clear, angled arch. They do become slightly smaller at the ends, but in general, they have a very uniform shape. This shape is associated with Korean fashion and it was very popular in that country a few years ago. Thick, straight eyebrows can make a bold statement and tend to look best if you have more delicate facial features. This helps to create contrast so your eyebrows stand out without becoming overwhelming.

An illustration of s-shaped eyebrows


S-shaped eyebrows start higher in the center and curve downward, then back up, and finally back down at the ends. This shape should have a subtle slope so it is not too visually distracting or erratic. Many people with naturally s-shaped brows try to smooth over the initial curve with an eyebrow pencil, but this shape can look absolutely gorgeous if it is accentuated correctly. 

An illustration of the rounded eyebrow shape


Rounded eyebrows create a sloping curve that extends across the entire brow. If you have a square or diamond-shaped face, this can add some softness to your features. Rounded brows are especially difficult to create and perfect on your own. You don’t want them to become too round because this will look fake and exaggerated. Our professionals can help you achieve a beautiful, even curve.

Why Professional Eyebrow Waxing is Important

No matter what eyebrow shape you have, professional waxing is a great way to ensure your brows look their best. When you try to tweeze or wax on your own, you may remove too much and create an awkward, uneven shape. Our wax artists remove just the right amount of hair and can even help you find the best style for your face.

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