How an Eyelash Lift Works

Curled lashes look beautiful and help your eyes stand out. However, it can take a lot of work to use an eyelash curler every day. There’s an easier way to get naturally flawless lashes. An eyelash lift keeps your lashes curled for up to six weeks. The process is simple and you can even pair it with tinting for an even bolder look.

How a lash lift works:

The Process of Getting an Eyelash Lift

The first step in the lash lift process is separating your top and bottom eyelashes. An esthetician will do this then curl your top lashes over a silicone shield, which will be secured in place on your upper eyelid. Next, a perming solution is applied to your upper eyelashes between the root and the tip. This will stay on for between 10 and 15 minutes. After the perming solution has had time to work, your technician will then apply a setting solution. This neutralizes the chemicals that perm your lashes so the process does not continue longer than it needs to. It also stabilizes the new curled shape. The silicone shield can then be removed and you can start enjoying your new look.

Why an Eyelash Perm Works

An eyelash lift works very similarly to the standard hair perm. Like the hair on your head, the hair in your eyelashes is made up of multiple proteins. The most prominent is keratin. This molecule includes an amino acid called cysteine, which contains sulfur. Two keratin molecules link together in a helix (corkscrew) pattern by connecting sulfur atoms between the molecules. This is known as a disulfide bond. Your eyelashes maintain their shape because of these bonds.

The perming solution that is used for eyelash lifts contains sulfur and other compounds. When it is applied, it breaks the disulfide bonds between keratin molecules. This makes your eyelashes softer and they are able to fold over the silicone shield. When the neutralizing solution is applied, new disulfide bonds form, and your lashes now curl in the direction of the shield.

Caring for Your Lash Lift

To help your lashes stay curled for as long as possible, it is important to take the proper steps to preserve the results of your eyelash lift. The first 24 hours after your appointment are crucial. During this time, you should make sure not to get your lashes wet at all. In addition to avoiding direct exposure to water, it’s also a good idea not to work out or go outside if it is too humid.

The good news is that after the first day, a lash lift doesn’t require much additional care. You can treat your eyelashes just as you would normally. It’s a good idea not to rub or pull on your lashes since this can cause them to fall out. As new lashes grow in, the results will gradually fade. After approximately 4-6 weeks, you will want to come in for a new appointment if you want to maintain that beautiful curl.

Eyelash Lifts at The Waxing Studio

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