Hair Removal Mistakes to Avoid

Hair removal can help you look your best. Making an appointment with a professional waxer can help ensure a more pleasant experience and better results. It’s also important to establish a good routine and avoid some common mistakes that people may make when trying to remove unwanted hair.

Here are some of the most common hair removal mistakes to avoid:

1. Waxing at Home

At-home waxing may seem easier than going to see a professional, but this is not typically the case and DIY waxing can even be dangerous if not done properly. You could burn yourself, irritate your skin, or cause bruising if you don’t follow all instructions. Even if you are able to get the wax done safely, you may not get the results you would like. It’s easy to leave some hair behind if you’re not an experienced waxer, especially in areas that are more difficult to reach.

2. Skipping Exfoliation

Exfoliating is essential for smooth skin. It’s a good idea to exfoliate the area that you are waxing before your appointment. This removes dead cells and if you do it during a hot shower, it also opens up your pores and can help make hair removal easier. Exfoliation is also important between waxes to keep your skin smooth. You should avoid exfoliating for 48 hours after your appointment. After that period, you should try to exfoliate every two or three days. We offer high-quality aftercare products at our waxing studio that will help you maintain your results.

3. Shaving Between Waxing Appointments

We know it can be tempting to remove hair as soon as it appears. However, shaving between waxing appointments does more harm than good. You may be used to stubble after shaving, but with repeated waxes, the hair will start to grow back thinner. Shaving this hair affects that process because it cuts hair at an angle and creates a rough edge. Shaving between waxes can also increase your risk of irritation, including razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Finally, it’s important to let the hair grow out a little bit so it can be effectively removed at your next appointment. For the best results, ditch your razor and leave any hair that grows alone until you come back in.

4. Not Communicating with Your Wax Artist

It’s completely normal to be a little nervous before getting waxed, especially if it’s your first appointment. However, try to keep in mind that your esthetician wants to help make your experience as comfortable as possible. If you are concerned about any part of the process or have any questions, let your waxer know.

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In addition to avoiding the mistakes above, choosing the right professional can help improve your experience. The Waxing Studio offers ultra-premium services and we only use the highest-quality products and provide an engaging, service-first experience for every client.

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